Case Study: Closing Diastemas with our Original Series

We love to work directly with our clients, partnering with them on executing the optimal treatment plan that delivers an outstanding outcome. We have a very predictable and holistic approach to accomplish this.

Diagnostic wax-ups are the best way to ensure predictable, outstanding outcomes.  In this case, the patient’s chief complaint was the 1.5mm diastema between her two centrals.  The main goal of treatment was to close the diastema and rebalance and redistribute symmetrical teeth proportions.  Her old smile was unevenly shaped, monochromatic with little to no translucency.  Additionally, collaboration on nuanced shade, texture and translucency is possible.

The clinician then utilized our diagnostic wax up to make provisionals, which allowed the patient to test shape, size, esthetics and function.  A “Go By” model of her final approved provisionals was sent to the laboratory as a guide for the final restorations.

Winter Laboratory Original layered e.max restorations were prescribed.  The facial surface and incisal edge were then cut back and layered with a feldspathic ceramic, in order to bring back liveliness into her smile. Facial anatomy was added according to the patient’s age as well as appropriate levels of incisal translucency.

e.max restoration
e.max restoration

And wow, what a smile transformation this was. We are motivated every day by restoring beautiful smiles and impacting lives.