Getting to Yes! Austin, TX with Live Placement by Dr. Mike Meek

Dr. Mike Meek Austin Texas

FRI, SEP 15, 2017
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
1500 W 38TH Street
Austin, TX 78731

Getting to Yes!

Over 50% of patients want to improve their smile, and are willing to spend extra money to do so. Learn how to seamless integrate new smile designs into your conversations with patients as well as esthetic add-on options as part of your everyday worn dentition and function case presentation. Interactive course topics include understanding that every patient is an opportunity, best practices for patient engagement, identification and presentation of treatment options, financial planning and closing the deal to get to Yes! We will also discuss how to build both your office team and lab team and communication to maximize the opportunity for your practice and to deliver consistently great outcomes. Case studies will be shared by our partner clinician and you’ll see a live placement of a life altering case. Also live demonstrations of intraoral scanning options during lunch. Exciting! 6 CE credits.


An interactive learning experience for Getting to Yes!

8:30 AM Continental Breakfast

Enjoy coffee or tea and prepare for a fun day!

9:00 AM Dr. Nussen
Best Practices of Getting to Yes!

  • Every patient may desire an enhanced smile
  • Patient engagement
  • Identification and presentation of treatment options
  • Financial planning
  • Closing the deal to Get to Yes!
  • Building the team to make it all possible

11:00 AM Restorative Clinician

Case Studies

Learn from real cases.

11:45 AM

Power Lunch

Hands-on demonstration with intraoral scanning company.

1:15 PM – Clinician

Live Patient Esthetic Case Seating

Clinician will seat in real time the restorative case for the patient.

4:00 PM – Dr. Nussen

Answer All Questions and Closing Remarks

Answer all questions and closing remarks.