NuLife Long Island Dental Laboratory

Collaborate with our experienced technical support professionals.

Digital Impressions

  1. For 3Shape (TRIOS), Carestream (3500/3600) or 3M (True Definition), send us your Communicate/Connect email address to We’ll then connect with you and be ready to receive your digital cases.
  2. For iTero, please choose NuLife Long Island as your laboratory.
  3. For Cerec, please chose Labs.Dental as your laboratory to send to any Labs.Dental Dental lab. We will immediately route your case to NuLife Long island upon receipt.

Physical Impressions

  1. Download RX
  2. Choose Shipping Method
    • If located in Greater NY, schedule a pick-up by calling 516.489.5200
    • Or Print a Shipping Label.
    • Or have our customer service team generate a shipping label for you by calling 516.489.5200
  3. Once received, our experienced technical advisor team will call to get to know you and your practice better, and be sure we fully understand the Rx and references for the case.

Fixed Restorations

Metal Free
e.max, stain & glaze
e.max, micro layered
e.max, layered
Porcelain Fused to Zirconia, layered
Nu-ZR, stain & glaze
Nu-ZR, micro layered
All Porcelain
Porcelain Fused to Metal
Crown & Pontic
Inlay or Onlay
Case Planning Tools
Patient Diagnostic Wax-up

Nulife Implant Solutions (NL-IS)

Simplified, all inclusive pricing. Don’t bother with parts and pieces. Just take an implant level impression and we take care of the rest.
All NL-IS Combinations Include:

  • Soft Tisue Model
  • Custom Milled Abutment
  • Final Abutment Screw
  • Final Restoration of Choice
NL-IS Titanium Abutment with Restoration, layered
NL-IS Titanium Abutment with Restoration, stain & glaze
NL-IS Zirconia Abutment with Restoration, layered
NL-IS Zirconia Abutment with Restoration, stain & glaze
NL-IS Encode Abutment with Restoration, layered
NL-IS Encode Abutment with Restoration, stain & glaze

No Upcharge for Screw Retained Restoration.
NL-IS pricing does not include alloy or analog costs.
We support all major implant platforms, including Nobel Biocare, Straumann, BioHorizons and Zimmer.

Removable Prosthodontics

Full Dentures
Includes model, triad customer tray, bite, set-up and finish. Teeth at market price.
Signature, Ivobase processing, premium characterization
Premium, Luciton 199
Basic, heat cured with stock teeth
Flexible Partials
Includes model, set-up and finish. Teeth at market place.
Nu-Aesthetic Partial
Valplast Complete
Premium Cosmetic Acrylic, 1-6 teeth
Premium Cosmetic Acrylic, 7 or more teeth
Valplast Flipper
Cast Partials
Signature premium characterization
Nesbit (1-3 teeth)
Relines & Repairs
Basic Repair
Welding Loop Retention
Nu-Comfort Bite Split
Night Guard, Hard
Night Guard, Soft
Time Schedule
All Fixed Restorations, 4 Units or Less
All Fixed Restorations, More Than 4 Units
Implant Restorations
Removable Restorations
Combination Cases and implant Bars
Rush is available, call first for pre approval. All days are lab days.

Practice Building Tools

DREAMSmile Unlimited Digital Imaging
Express: Image returned in 30 min or less
Premier: Image returned in 48 hr or less with customization
NuLife DREAMSmile Stretch Canvas Portrait (24”x36”)
NuLife Smile Gallery Look Book
Veneer/Crown Lifetime Limited Warranty3
Best Practices for Getting to Yes! CE Course
Full Arch - It’s Easier Than You Think CE Course

For assistance, please call 516.489.5200.